The storm that’s called life

I 2015 besøkte Cat Smits Vinterlysfestivalen med forestillingen «In bed with Simone»– som ble en stor publikumsfavoritt. Nå kommer hun tilbake med «Sail» Hun er et av de internasjonale bidragene under festivalen, kommer fra Nederland og spiller forestillingen på engelsk. 


Om forestillingen:


The storm that’s called life

A young woman sails solo over the ocean. She sails away from everyday life. Away from the rules, the routines, the politics and worries. With the boat as her home and only possession, she moves into a wide blue world filled with beauty. This is a world where she is on her own, with and against the elements. 

The sea however is a powerful goddess with unexpected traits.

Will this sailer ever return home? 


What drives a person to leave everything behind? What drives a person to play with limits and dangers?


Sail is a cross-over performance with theater, dance, film en puppetry with texts based on the journals of blue sea sailers.



PLAY Productions and Duda Paiva Company 

Performance and concept - Cat Smits

Puppet - André Mello en Duda Paiva

Coach and director- Duda Paiva

Visuals - Daniel Patijn

Video and choreography - Ederson Xavier

Licht  design- Mark Verhoef

Composer - Wim Selles

Dramaturg - Pol Eggermont

Photography - De Schaapjesfabriek

Production - Rosanne Procee